Back In Action

Nothing like brotherly love.
Nothing like brotherly love.

Good afternoon fellow bloggers!

While it has been a significant amount of time since my last blog post, I, just like the MLB Postseason, am back in full swing. With my limited experience in the world of blogging, I am constantly learning but follow me into the mind of a student who is mere months away from entering the big, bad world of full-time employment.

Originally, I am born and raised in a relatively small town in Illinois called Belvidere and made the trek to Iowa to attend Drake University. I was lucky enough to do so because of the unwavering support of my family and friends, but especially my mother, Dolores, younger brother, Dylan, and grandfather, Jesse. An hour conversation with my and there would be no doubt how important my family is to me. This is the biggest reason that I chose to rush Sigma Phi Epsilon and it has turned out to make a bigger impact on my life than I could have ever imagined. Here at Drake, I couldn’t be more happy to be studying marketing and advertising. The farther that I immerse myself in the world of marketing, I find myself becoming more and more interested, especially in the aspect of digital marketing.

Over the years, sports, music, and technology have played a large roll in my life. I played golf, basketball, and ran cross country growing up but none has influenced me the way the baseball has. Anyone who even remotely knows who I am could tell you that I live and die (fortunately mostly live) with the New York Yankees. I am also a Texas Longhorns fan with an almost unhealthy love for fantasy sports.

In the recent months, I find myself becoming more and more sentimental each and every day that my classmates and I inch toward graduation, yet I do not see this as a bad thing. I have found that since my last day as junior, I have begun to take it all in and enjoy every second of my time here which I believe will allow me to succeed after Drake and focus on the future.

With this, I end my introductory re-introductory post and I hope that each of you finds an interest in my posts to come.

“Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

-Scott Loy


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