10 Must Have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note: College Edition

Today, with the advancements in technology, there are an incredible number of tablets that a college student could be carrying with them, and an incredible number of applications. One of the top options for students is the Samsung Galaxy Note because of it’s ability to run two programs at once, the ease to which it allows one to hand write notes and the ability to insert an SD card to increase memory or connect a flash drive. Here is a list- written for students, by a student- of the top 10 apps a student should download for the Galaxy Note to increase productivity, and sanity, during exam time.

School Work
1. Polaris Office- There are numerous apps that are the “tablet version” of Microsoft Office, but if you’re looking for the best option that won’t cost a penny, look no further than Polaris Office. Polaris allows the user to create a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document that is perfectly compatible with any version on a laptop or desktop.

2. Study Blue- Many students have discovered this app for their laptop or mobile device Or even both. It allows the user to input information to create and share a sheet of notes or flashcards for a specific class or professor at your university. This free app is a must for the student who tends to study by themselves or with their peers.

Social Media
3. Facebook- Do you plan on joining a group in college? Chances are the group will have a closed Facebook group. Need an easy way to message classmates about assignments? Facebook solves that purpose. Facebook serves more of a purpose then just posting pictures and stalking that smoke show in your stats class.

4. LinkedIn- Known as the “Professional Facebook,” LinkedIn is a must for any young professional. LinkedIn is great for networking, searching for jobs and putting your professional side on display. Giving users the ability to upload a resume and portfolio, LinkedIn provides a multitude of opportunities to users willing to put in the time.

Being Responsible
5. Bank App- As a college student, this experience will be your first slice of independence, which means you’ll need to manage your finances. Banks like Chase, US Bank, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are already established in the play store. Whether you have a monthly payment on a card to establish credit or just need to keep track of how badly Saturday abused your bank account, there’s a free app for you.


6. NY Times- You may be a college student that’s sheltered by the bubble around your campus, but in order to be an informed member of society one should be informed on current events. Luckily, there are apps such as the New York Times that puts hundreds of news articles in the palm of your hand. Now there is no excuse to be clueless when your uncle starts talking about the conflict in North Korea.

7. Alarm Clock Xtreme- Raise your hand if you have ever woken up past the time your alarm is supposed to go off and all you could do was blame the device for “not going off when it was supposed to.” Well, chances are you were just clever enough to turn it off in your sleepy daze without remembering a moment of it. Easiest way to combat that? Download the free app called Alarm Clock Xtreme. ACX is an app that requires the sleeping beauty to correctly finish a math problem before they are allowed to turn off the alarm or hit snooze. From now on, if you sleep in later than you were supposed to, you have no one to blame but yourself.

8. Songza- Unless you have enough disposable income to constantly purchase songs from an app store, since I know none of you would ever download content illegally, you will need music to keep you relaxed throughout the semester. Apps like Pandora are great, but have you ever wanted to listen to a playlist called “Best of the 90’s” or “Drop-A-Beat-Workout” but couldn’t search for it because it wasn’t the name of an artist or song? That’s where Songza comes in. With hundreds of specific playlists and the option to “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” a song, you will never need a new music app again.

9. John GBA Lite- Think back to when you were a kid and you couldn’t go to school or day care without seeing another child playing with a Gameboy. Seems like forever ago, doesn’t it? Well some creative people decided that they couldn’t live without making a Gameboy available as an app for your tablet. Whether your specialty was Super Mario Kart or Pokemon Yellow, virtually any game is available for download as long as you can follow a few short steps.


10. Netflix- I have finally arrived to possibly the most important app of all: Netflix. In college, you WILL perform an all-night bender to cram for that Chem test or to finish that Marketing project and you WILL celebrate by not leaving your bed for 15+ hours. The only way to make it through this semester-long struggle is to binge-watch every season of six different television shows in one term for one flat monthly rate.* You will need the relaxation and alone time while you are angry at the world.

*If you can talk your parents into getting an account, using their login information will make this experience a much cheaper one. As in free.

Honorable Mention
A. Skype- While away at school, even the most independent of students becomes homesick and sometimes, the only cure is to Skype mom and the dog. Skype is most used video chat application on laptops, desktops and mobile devices in the world. Whether it is mom, your long distance significant other or your best friend on the bottom floor, keeping in touch is crucial for a student.

B. Wikipedia for tablet- The reason this app is considered a “honorable mention” is because Wikipedia can already be found by just searching on whichever browser you prefer, the app just saves you about 25 seconds. Wikipedia is a great starting point for all research and this free app can save you a lot of time if your major requires a substantial amount of it.


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