Started from the bottom

Hello fellow bloggers!

I’ve never blogged before and realistically I have no idea what I will continue to write about, but my desire to pursue a career involving social media coupled with my need to improve my writing skills led to this blog. For now, I’m going to dive into something that I spend countless hours on every week: Fantasy Sports.

Currently, I am in a football and basketball league on ESPN with a handful of my Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers, plus 1.5 geeds (Party Pat & Sosa, I see you). Although I consider my knowledge of basketball to be above average, my fantasy football talent is adequate at best.

With the fantasy football playoff race heating up, I am right in the thick of it. I began the year sitting pretty in second place, a very unconcerned 5-1, being led by J.Graham, L.McCoy, J.Charles and C.Newton. Well that all changed in a matter of a month, because a four game losing streak really takes a toll on ones level of concern. A win last week helped to right the ship before a meeting with our league’s bottom feeder, Django Derulo. I will need to finish the regular season on a three game winning streak and a bit of luck to solidify a playoff spot for The Real Team Dwyer.

Fantasy basketball is looking to begin the same way football did. I am currently sitting in third place out of 14 teams with my squad being carried by S.Curry, B.Griffin, J.Teague and E.Turner, among others. Although I’m still waiting for J.Noah, P.Pierce and G.Hill to remember how to play basketball, I’m very optimistic about this season.

Well if you have made it this far, I hope I haven’t bored you to sleep. Stop by next time to hear about whatever odd thing I decide to write about!


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